You Would Not Believe the Magic of Laser Dentistry!

Laser dentistry for kids

Common dental procedures can often be a stressful undertaking for children. Even with a dental anesthetic to prevent pain, the sensation of having even a simple filling done might be overwhelming. Laser dentistry for kids has made numerous advances that can make dentistry for children easier for both kids and their parents.

What is laser dentistry?

At Must Love Kids Pediatric Dentistry, we use the latest hard tissue laser technology to provide comfortable and effective dental procedures. This technology is a real game changer, allowing for new approaches to a variety of dental treatments.

A hard tissue laser removes tooth decay without harming the surrounding healthy enamel and dentin. It achieves the same task that conventional dental tools, scrapers, and files do. 

Soft tissue lasers have been used for a long time to treat gum disease and other issues, but new hard tissue lasers are the first to be used in treating tooth decay.

Hard tissue lasers benefit patients by both removing tooth decay and sterilizing the surface required for the filling. These lasers are also used in a variety of other applications, such as removing and replacing composite or resin restorations.

Laser Dentistry vs. Conventional Dentistry

Hard tissue lasers provide a number of key benefits over conventional dentistry. There are some situations where traditional dental tools are still required, but laser dentistry is typically the better option whenever it’s suitable. The benefits of laser dentistry for kids make dental procedures so much easier for you and your child.

No Anesthetic Required

One of the most distressing parts of a dental procedure for young children is the initial shot of anesthesia. This local anesthetic prevents them from feeling pain during the procedure, but they do feel the shot, meaning that the procedure starts off with the child already upset and uncomfortable.

In most cases, no anesthetic is required during hard tissue laser procedures. Your child will experience a slight tingling from the laser as it removes tooth decay, but they shouldn’t feel pain or even discomfort. This makes every procedure quite a bit easier and less stressful for your child.

No Discomfort

Even with an anesthetic, having a cavity prepared with conventional dental tools can be uncomfortable. The child still feels the vibration from the tool and hears the loud and disconcerting noise, which can turn even a routine dental procedure into a very uncomfortable visit.

Laser dentistry for children does away with all of that. The laser doesn’t vibrate. It doesn’t make loud noises. No part of the machine comes into contact with your child — only the laser light itself!

This minimally invasive treatment keeps your child calm and comfortable throughout the procedure. As a result, your child will soon forget about their worries about visiting the dentist and instead see it as an important part of maintaining their oral health.

Better Results

Our hard tissue laser is incredibly precise — much more precise than what even the most skilled dentist can achieve by hand. This means that less material is removed during the preparation of the cavity. 

When removing tooth decay, it’s impossible to avoid removing some healthy enamel and dentin as well. Laser dentistry for children reduces that to an absolute minimum.

The sterilizing effect of the laser also reduces the chance of further tooth decay occurring in the same place. The laser removes any bacteria present within the cavity, ensuring that tooth decay doesn’t continue once the filling is placed.

The laser also creates an ideal bonding surface for the filling material, reducing the long-term risk of the filling breaking or falling out. Not only is laser dentistry more comfortable, but it gets the job done more effectively than other treatment options.

A Better Experience for Everyone

It can be hard to convince your child that a visit to the kid’s dentist is in their best interests. Even if they understand the importance of dental care, the idea of conventional dental procedures can frighten them. This more comfortable option can help reduce those fears.

A child who struggles with anxiety or who is sensitive to noises and vibration can significantly benefit from laser dentistry. The stress-free treatment can turn what would have been a major challenge for your child into a smooth experience that will leave them confident to visit the dentist again in the future.

Laser Dentistry in Vancouver

Must Love Kids Pediatric Dentistry has the latest hard tissue laser technology to provide kids with comfortable and effective dental treatments. These treatments are less invasive and quieter than traditional dentistry, creating a better patient experience for your child. We provide a wide range of kids’ dentistry options and can help parents with children of any age. Contact Must Love Kids Pediatric Dentistry today to book an appointment for your child.