Fun For Kids

Start reading books with your child

How To Restore the Lost Art of Reading Books With Your Child

In today's world, reading books has become a lost art. According to a recent Gallup poll, Americans read fewer books ...
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Tooth fairy around the world

7 Fascinating Tooth Fairy Traditions From Around the World

The tooth fairy is a fun tradition that keeps children excited about the development of their bodies, providing a reward ...
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Fun holiday activities for kids

6 Fun Activities To Try With Your Kids This Holiday Season in Vancouver

It’s holiday time, which means time for family. During the holidays, many of us try to spend as much time ...
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oral health books for kids

10 Books to Teach Your Children About Oral Health

Kids Learn About Oral Health Through Connection and Fun Books People love stories. Although we can’t know for sure, it’s ...
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10 Graphic Novels Your Middle Schooler Will Want to Read

Supporting Your Child During Back-To-School Season With back-to-school upon us, many parents of middle school children are on the hunt ...
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5 More Toothy Science Experiments to Do With Your Kids

Plaque Attack and Other Fun Dental Experiments for Kids If you’re looking for toothy science experiments for kids, Must Love ...
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8 Activities to Keep the Kids Busy on Summer Break

Must Love Kids Pediatric Dentistry’s List of Fun Summer Activities for Kids Several months of school-less days are fast approaching ...
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5 Yummy Tooth-Healthy Treats for Fourth of July

Enjoy tooth-healthy treats that are delicious and good for your smile. Temperatures have started soaring and the days are getting ...
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5 Fun Science Project Ideas Your Kids Will Love

Teach your child by engaging their hands and minds. Have you ever noticed that many young kids learn best by ...
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10 Fun Ways to Enjoy Time With Your Kids

Wondering how you can spend more fun quality time with your kids? Raising a family and keeping a household together ...
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