Oral hygiene with braces

5 Tips for Maintaining Oral Hygiene During Orthodontic Treatment

Fresh Breath and Cavity-Free Teeth With Braces Practicing good oral hygiene is the key to preventing tooth decay and gum ...
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Inclusive orthodontics for special needs.

Inclusive Orthodontics: Creating a Supportive Environment for Children With Special Needs and the Parents Who Love Them

Understanding Inclusive Orthodontics Despite the high prevalence of malocclusion (poor bite alignment) in children with intellectual or developmental disabilities, often ...
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Back to school with braces

Back to School With Braces: 4 Tips for a Smooth Transition

Starting the School Year Off With Braces  As summer winds down and the familiar scent of sharpened pencils fills the ...
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ABC's of braces

The ABCs of Orthodontics: 26 Things for Kids to Know About Braces

Attention, kids! Are you ready to embark on an exciting journey towards a winning smile? Brace yourself for an incredible ...
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Early orthodontic evaluation

Protecting That Straight Smile: 5 Things To Expect During an Early Orthodontic Evaluation

The truth is that orthodontic problems rarely fix themselves, so taking proactive steps to ensure your child's dental health is ...
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Retainers are an important part of treatment

Retainers: 6 Ways They Maintain Your Beautiful Smile

Retainers play a vital role in preserving the stunning smiles of children. After orthodontic treatment, kids are often advised to ...
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All about adolescent orthodontics

How Many Adolescents Need Orthodontics? And 5 Other Braces FAQs

Do all adolescents need orthodontic work? Orthodontists estimate that nearly half of children need braces to address functional problems like ...
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Braces in Vancouver, WA

5 Ways To Feel Better if You’re Experiencing Braces Discomfort

5 Easy Ways To Relieve Braces Discomfort  According to orthodontists, around 45% of children need braces to correct functional issues ...
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Do you know the history of braces

The Story of Braces: How They Came To Be What They Are Today

Braces have been a part of orthodontic treatment for centuries, with their evolution tracing back to ancient times. While the ...
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Consistently wearing your retainer

5 Intelligent Tips for Wearing Your Retainer as Often as Required

According to the American Association of Orthodontists, retainers are prescribed to allow the bone that holds teeth to rebuild after ...
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