10 Benefits of Laser Dentistry for Children


Your child’s dental visit can be quick and pain-free.

Technology has changed almost every industry for the better, and dentistry is no exception.

Today, state-of-the-art laser dentistry services are transforming the way dental visits look for both children and adults alike. Innovative, sleek, and fascinating, these tools help eliminate the fear around common procedures.

Our pint-sized patients can especially benefit from this minimally invasive approach! Today, we’re sharing 10 benefits of laser dentistry for children to help you better understand how this technology works.

What is laser dentistry?

As its name implies, laser dentistry is the use of a specially-designed laser to treat a range of dental conditions. In many cases, this laser can take the place of traditional drills and is appropriate for use in both hard tissue and soft tissue procedures.

Dental lasers utilize the power of water, air, and laser energy to deliver effective, precise treatment solutions. In recent years, laser dentistry has become a go-to technique for myriad dental issues. A few of the most common applications include:

What are the benefits of laser dentistry for children?

It’s natural for children to be a little hesitant about visiting the dentist. However, laser dentistry can make the experience less intimidating and more interesting! Let’s take a look at 10 reasons you should consider it for your child’s next appointment.

1. Fewer Shots Needed

For a child with a cavity, one of the most nerve-wracking parts about getting a filling is the shot of anesthesia required to numb the tooth first! This is one of the top reasons many pediatric dentists prefer to use lasers.

These tools have an analgesic effect, allowing them to effectively numb the area they impact. In many cases, this means a shot isn’t necessary at all!

2. No Loud Noises

Does your child dread hearing the buzz of the drill every time they sit in the dentist’s chair? We understand that the sound of many dental tools can be unnerving, especially for those with sensory processing disorders. The good news? A laser eliminates this concern.

The procedure is nearly silent, save for the slight tingling sound the laser makes. This can help put your child at ease and sets the stage for a smooth and successful visit!

3. More Comfortable

If your child can tolerate a gentle spray of water in their mouth, then laser dentistry procedures shouldn’t be cause for concern. These tools are gentle, effective, and nearly pain-free, and can help quell cases of dental anxiety!

In all, laser dentistry is more comfortable than traditional approaches and can help your child overcome any prior fear of visiting the dentist. The approach helps eliminate any unnecessary pain or discomfort and is well tolerated by most children.

4. Shorter Healing Time

Many soft tissue dental procedures require the use of dissolvable dental stitches or sutures. These are used to close an open wound or surgical incision.

While often necessary, sutures can extend the time it takes for a patient to heal. On the other hand, when dental lasers are used, sutures are often not required. This helps quicken the healing process and allows for easier recovery.

5. Minimal Bleeding

Laser dentistry treatments help reduce the amount of bleeding and swelling that results from pediatric dentistry procedures. This is because the high-energy light beam encourages pain-free clotting.

This is not only welcomed news for parents, but it can also help your little one recover quicker with fewer complications.

6. Less Risk of Cross-Contamination

The tip of the laser will not touch your child’s tooth. Not only does this help make laser dentistry safer, but it also reduces the risk of cross-contamination.

The laser helps keep unwanted bacteria from entering your child’s mouth throughout each procedure. This helps ensure a sanitary dental environment.

7. Greater Precision

The focus of a dental laser is extremely precise. This makes it especially effective in cavity treatments, allowing our dentists to save more of your child’s healthy tooth than would be possible using a traditional drill.

In addition to making the procedures themselves more exact, this precision also means your child will spend less time in the dentist’s chair!

8. Treatment for Tongue Ties and Lip Ties

Our laser treatment services are designed to treat a variety of pediatric dental concerns. This includes tongue ties and lip ties.

In these cases, we will exclusively use our special diode laser to provide a safe, effective, and virtually pain-free procedure to eliminate the discomfort these ties can create.

9. No Numbness

Without anesthesia shots, you don’t have to worry about the cumbersome and often painful side effects of numbing following dental surgery.

Your child won’t run the risk of biting their lip, cheek, or tongue as they wait for the numbness to wear off. This helps prevent bleeding and discomfort during the healing process.

10. No Vibration

When a dentist uses a drill, they must apply a slight degree of pressure to eliminate tooth decay. This can cause your jaw to become strained, and it can also create uncomfortable vibrations.

With a dental laser, this pressure is not required. Rather, the pediatric dentist will simply aim the laser at the affected area for treatment, allowing for a more comfortable overall experience.

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A visit to the dentist’s office doesn’t have to be nerve-wracking. Laser dentistry offers a unique and tech-savvy way forward, helping even the most timid patients attend their appointments with confidence.

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