10 Questions Parents Ask About Our State-of-the-Art Laser Dentistry


Top 10 Laser Dentistry FAQs

Has your child’s pediatric dentist mentioned laser dentistry? Have you noticed this type of dentistry listed on a pediatric dentist’s website? Here are the top 10 most common questions Dr. Mo and Dr. G of Must Love Kids get from curious parents.

1. Is laser dentistry safe for kids?

Laser dentistry is exceptionally safe for kids, and there is no minimum age for patients. In fact the many benefits of this type of dentistry often allow for sensitive procedures to be safely done on infants and toddlers. These benefits include minimal invasiveness, greatly reduced bleeding and swelling, and a painless experience for the child. In many ways, laser dentistry is the safest surgical or restorative option for kids.

2. What risks are associated with it?

The risks of laser dentistry for kids are exceptionally low—even more so than traditional options. This is largely due to how gentle this type of dentistry is on the teeth, gum tissue, and oral soft tissues. The reduced need for anesthesia (or being able to skip numbing altogether) further lowers the risks of possible side effects associated with those medications.

Dr. Mo and Dr. G are both certified in laser surgery and continue to stay up to date with the best techniques in pediatric dental care.

3. Is it really a pain-free experience for kids?

Pain tolerance can vary just as much in kids as it does in adults. That being said, this type of dentistry is typically a pain-free experience for kids. In some instances of in-depth treatment or laser oral surgery, localized anesthesia may be used to ensure your child is comfortable throughout the procedure.

4. Can laser technology be used for my child’s cavities?

Yes! Dr. Mo and Dr. G offer both soft tissue and hard tissue laser dentistry for their patients. Hard tissue dental lasers can replace traditional drills for removing tooth decay and any damaged tooth enamel. This makes for a wonderful experience for kids as there are no loud noises or jarring sensations during cavity treatment.

5. What other procedures can it be used for?

Soft tissue dental lasers are incredibly versatile, allowing our pediatric dentists to offer this technology for a wide range of procedures. Some popular services in which we utilize laser technology are pulpotomies (baby root canals), lip ties, tongue-ties, and gum tissue abnormalities.

6. Does it cost more than traditional options?

Costs of dental care can’t be accurately estimated before a consultation as there are many factors at play. That being said, laser dentistry is generally comparable in cost to traditional or non-laser treatment. The difference is often small in the event that laser dentistry may cost more. Considering the advantages of this type of dentistry, the potential for a slightly more expensive procedure is worth it.

7. Will my child’s dental insurance cover laser dentistry?

Dental insurance coverage certainly varies, but a growing number of major dental insurance plans do cover laser dentistry for any necessary dental work. Most dental insurance plans reimburse costs based on the treatment itself rather than what method is being used. This means that in the majority of cases, something like treatment for a cavity or the revision of a tongue-tie will be covered to the same degree as if it were being done with a drill or oral surgery.

8. Why do dentists recommend it for kids?

Pediatric dentists wholeheartedly recommend laser dentistry for kids because of how beneficial it is for their young patients. It allows dentists to work quickly, effectively, and precisely, reducing the time your child is sitting for treatment. Post-treatment benefits include a faster healing time for kids and a reduced risk of swelling, infection, and discomfort.

9. Is laser dentistry alright for kids with anxiety or special needs?

Absolutely! Laser dentistry can often make anesthesia-free dental care possible for kids with dental anxiety or special needs. Common procedures, like treating a cavity or pulpotomy, can be a very overwhelming experience for kids when a loud, buzzing drill is used. It is far more gentle for kids, both on a physical and mental level.

10. How will I know if it is right for my child?

Most kids who are candidates for traditional treatment will be candidates for laser dentistry. That being said, the only way to know for certain is through an in-person consultation with their pediatric dentist. After an evaluation, your child’s dentist will be able to determine if it is the most effective choice. Major restorations and treating a tooth with a metal filling present are two examples of situations in which it isn’t appropriate.

Ask your child’s dentist about laser dentistry during their next appointment.

If you’re looking for a pediatric dentist in Vancouver, WA, that offers this type of dentistry for kids, Must Love Kids is the place to go. Our team is experienced in working with kids of all ages with all abilities and needs. We proudly offer a number of advanced dental care services and technologies, including soft tissue and hard tissue laser dentistry.

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