10 Healthy, Fun Easter Treats for Kids and Families


Take advantage of these fun, healthy Easter treats.

Holidays are so much fun! However, all too often, they are accompanied by a disappointing trip to the dentist. If we’re not careful, holiday sweets and candies can do a number on our teeth, especially when they are enjoyed for weeks afterward.

Make your kids’ dentist proud this Easter by choosing healthy treats and snacks instead of the usual suspects that are rife with sugar.

Check out these 10 amazing ideas for healthy, fun Easter treats for kids and families.

1. Fruit and Veggie Bunny Face

Try arranging fruit and veggies on a plate to make a bunny face. It’s easier than you think. Simply cut two grapes in half for the eyes, cut up apple slices for the ears, use a dried apricot for the nose, and carrots or cheese sticks for the whiskers.

You can use a lot of different fruits and shapes here. You might even cut them up and let your kids assemble their own bunny faces.

2. Bunny Sandwiches

Maybe your kids won’t eat a square tuna fish sandwich to save their life, but what about a bunny-shaped one? This is one so easy! Simply make your kids’ sandwich like normal then cut out the center with a bunny-shaped cookie cutter.

3. Granola Easter Eggs

Settling down with a Cadbury egg is probably a fond memory for most of us, but it isn’t for our teeth. How about instead of making your favorite granola in bars, you shape it into Easter eggs? Healthy and on point with the season.

Getting the right shape is a snap. Simply stuff the granola inside a plastic Easter egg and voila!

4. Butterfly Bagels

Do you know how easy it is to make a butterfly out of a bagel? Simply cut a bagel in half and put the rounded sides together. Add some cream cheese or peanut butter, bits of fruit, and a couple of straight pretzels, and you’ve got an adorable flying creature your kids will love!

5. Popsicles, Please!

Popsicles are a favorite as the weather begins to warm, but most of them are made of pure sugar — even the fruit juice ones. Make any pediatric dentist proud by making little egg-shaped popsicles out of nutritious greek yogurt instead!

Mix them with a little granola and fruit bits, and you have a hearty breakfast treat!

6. Fruity Peep Kabobs

Of course, our holiday treats don’t have to be all super healthy. Let your kids enjoy a classic Peep and still have a relatively healthy snack with these Peep kabobs. They’re so incredibly easy. All you have to do is skewer a Peep and box it in with bits of fruit on either side of the skewer.

7. Fruity Flower Fondue

Have some skewers left over from the last treat idea? Another way to blend sweet, healthy, and fun is to create flower-shaped fruit kabobs. The flowers are easy to make by using cookie cutters on firm fruit, like pineapple, and filling in the rest of the space with other bits of cut-up fruit or whole grapes or berries.

8. Goldfish Carrot Snack

Baking and cutting up fruit can take up a lot of time that you might not have. Speed up the prep by fixing these goldfish carrot snacks ahead of time. Simply fill a conical bag with goldfish and tie it off with a green ribbon. Your kids will love pretending they are bunnies gnawing on a carrot, and you’ll love the easy cleanup!

9. Carrot-Shaped Cheese Ball

Going along with our carrot theme, this savory board with its cheese ball that looks remarkably like a carrot will have you salivating. Simply make a cheese ball and shape it like a carrot, then cover the outside in cheddar cheese. Add some parsley on top for the carrot greens and decorate the tray with grapes, salami, crackers, cherry tomatoes, and any other treats you would normally enjoy with a cheese ball!

10. Bunny Pancakes

Easter morning breakfast will be 10 times more exciting with bunny-shaped pancakes on your kids’ plates. While the technique to create them seems difficult, it isn’t too difficult once you get the hang of it. You can even let older kids in on the fun by allowing them to create their own bunny-shaped pancake.

Healthy Kids, Healthy Teeth

Avoid the sugar high and keep your kids’ teeth healthy and strong this Easter season with these great alternatives to traditional Easter sweets. Indulging in sweets and treats is fun, but having them too often can lead to health problems and dental issues.

As always, to keep your kids’ teeth in tip-top shape, take them to visit a kids’ dentist near you. Regular visits to an office offering dentistry for children will help ensure your kids enjoy great oral health for their entire lives. Looking for a great dentist in Vancouver? Feel free to contact us for an appointment!