What’s it Like to Get Your Braces Off?

What's it like to get braces taken off

Bye-Bye Braces!

That day has finally arrived! You’ve been looking forward to it for months now, maybe even years. It’s officially time to get those braces taken off and reveal your new smile. No matter how excited you are, getting your braces off can be scary, but it shouldn’t be. 


Removing braces is virtually painless. Though there is often occasional sensitivity as your teeth adjust to their newfound freedom. It makes complete sense though, they’ve been tied in tight for quite some time.

During the actual removal process, you may feel some pressure, but there shouldn’t be any real discomfort.

When it is finished, your teeth may feel a little sensitive as they adjust, but that should go away soon. 

The biggest sensation will be how strange your teeth feel to your tongue after the braces are taken off. 

But the Brackets?

This can feel really weird, but it’s fast. Your dentist will use a special pair of pliers to remove the brackets. To do this, they will pinch each one, releasing it. You might hear some strange sounds while this is being done, and it might feel a little strange as your teeth are released, but it should be a comfortable process.

Sticky Situation

Removing the cement can take the longest amount of time. As you’d imagine, that stuff is really stuck on there! After the braces are off, your dentist will take a special tool to scrape the leftover cement off of each tooth. This process will also feel rather strange with all the scraping going on, but it also shouldn’t cause any discomfort.

When this is complete, the dentist will take their time polishing the teeth. They do this to remove any hidden plaque, and to find every last trace of the cement.

If you were diligent with your oral hygiene while you had your braces on, there shouldn’t be any lasting white stains. These stains are caused when your tooth has been exposed to acid for too long, dissolving minerals, like calcium, in the teeth. If stains managed to form, don’t panic! It is rather common, and they will sometimes diminish on their own. At the very least, they won’t get any worse. If they don’t fade away, mouthwash can help. If needed, professional teeth whitening may take care of it.


While you wait for your dentist to scrape every last bit of cement off of your pearly whites, think about the food you can soon enjoy! Imagine, you’ll be able to bite straight into an apple. Or munch on some well-deserved trail mix. It’s also time to embrace Taco Tuesday again! With the crunchy taco shell.

But remember to be kind to yourself. You might want to take it easy at first while your teeth adjust again. But soon! Soon, all of that food will be yours again! 


Hold on! We’re not done yet. After your teeth are cleaned up, it’s time to get fitted for a retainer. There are three different types of retainer you could have.

A bonded retainer is attached to your teeth after removing the braces. This is often used when you need to wear the retainer consistently for an extended period.

The kind you’ve likely seen before is a removable retainer. There are two types available. The Hawley retainer, or the clear plastic retainer. Both of these are removable for eating and cleaning. The clear retainer has become increasingly popular, as it is discreet and more likely to be worn throughout the day.

Without the brackets and wires holding your teeth in their desired place, they can shift again without help from a retainer. If you have a removable retainer, be sure to wear it as directed. Sometimes, it is suggested to wear it both day and night for the first 4-6 months. But your dentist will help you determine the correct timeline for you and your teeth.

Whatever your dentist determines is right for you, be sure to follow their instructions! This will ensure you don’t undo all that hard work.

Dental Care After Braces

It’s likely going to be easier to clean your teeth now that your braces are gone. At the very least, flossing just got a lot easier without all of those brackets and wires to contend with. It’s time to go back to brushing two times a day for two minutes each time. A breeze in comparison to what you just accomplished. Mouthwash and whitening treatments can help with any discoloration that may be leftover from the braces

Be Proud!

The final step to your new life without braces is to be proud of your smile. You worked hard for it. You put in the time and effort to improve your smile for the rest of your life. Show off that smile! You’ve earned it.

Remember, if you have any questions or concerns, you can always contact us. We are here for you every step of the way.