Technology Can Make Oral Care Easier From Toddlers to Teens

Technology helps with oral care

Oh, the woes of getting kids to brush and floss their teeth on a regular basis. If you’re like most parents with kids learning to speak for themselves, you know how hard this can be. From toddlers who don’t want to open their mouths, to teens who forget to brush altogether, getting kids to care for their teeth can be daunting.

However, technology can come to the rescue! With the advent of various tech products, oral care for children has become much easier and more fun. And the Must Love Kids team has made it a bit easier for you by providing insights into some of the latest technologies and tricks that can help make oral care a breeze for kids of all ages, from toddlers to teens.

Technology for oral care? There’s an app for that!

According to Zippia, over 5.7 million apps are available on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store sites combined. There are over 2.6 million apps available for Android on Google Play too. The average American has 80 or more apps downloaded on their mobile devices. Suffice it to say, it stands to reason there are apps out there dedicated to oral care. And if you put an app and a mobile device in front of a child, the chances are that they’re more likely to pay attention.

The biggest challenge we see when it comes to oral care is remembering to brush and brushing long enough each time. Teenagers always have something better to do, making it easy to forget to brush their teeth, especially before bed. And for toddlers and preschoolers, two minutes (the recommended amount of time dentists suggest you spend brushing your teeth), can seem like an eternity.

Thankfully, technology makes things easier, both in terms of mobile apps and in toothbrushes themselves. So let’s start with some apps that can make tooth brushing more fun and not something that gets put to the bottom of the to-do list each day (or forgotten altogether).

  • Our favorite app for teens and adults is the Disney Magic Timer by Oral-B. Now, don’t get dissuaded because we said Disney. Trust us, this one is fun. With an array of beloved Disney, Marvel, and Star Wars characters, this app allows you to motivate yourself and your kids effortlessly, to brush for a longer period. 
  • If Disney isn’t your piece of cake, then you might like the Brush DJ app. This app adds an element of fun and entertainment to an otherwise mundane task. The app’s features, such as music playlists, reminders, and oral hygiene tips, make brushing a more engaging and interactive experience.
  • Have younger kids? Chomper Chums is designed to teach children between the ages of 3 to 11 proper brushing techniques interactively and engagingly, with a vibrant and colorful interface. Children can choose and personalize their animated characters from three options: an alligator, horse, or lion. As a reward for brushing correctly, children earn coins they can use to purchase food for their chosen character. To keep the animal healthy, kids must brush regularly and feed them nutritious snacks, thereby understanding the link between oral hygiene and healthy eating habits. This innovative approach makes brushing fun and educational for kids.

Toothbrushing songs that will leave the songs in your head forever. 

You know how those certain songs, once you hear a line or two, just stick in your head all day? They’re the songs we all love to hate. But when it comes to getting your little one to brush their teeth, the repetition and familiarity that comes from one or two toothbrushing songs that are played each time your kid brushes can come in handy.

These songs are timed for approximately two minutes each to help ensure your child brushes long enough. But to make it even better, the lyrics include helpful hints to ensure your child knows how to brush properly. Here are three of our favorites:

Each song can easily be downloaded or played via your Wi-Fi connection on your mobile device. And they are accompanied by fun and engaging videos to keep your little ones entertained throughout the process.

Powered toothbrushes for the win.

Another great way to help your child take more control over their at-home dental care is to invest in a powered toothbrush for kids or let your child pick out their own toothbrush at the local store. Just like the toothbrushes adults enjoy that keep them from scrubbing too hard or for not long enough, kids have great options. We personally like the Sonic Brush for Kids, Philips Sonicare for Kids, and the Oral-B Advanced Cavity Protection Kids Bundle.

But just as a powered toothbrush can help your child improve their oral health, so too will games that teach great habits about how to brush properly. Check out the Toothsavers Brushing Game which is a free app created by the 2min2x initiative, aimed at motivating children to brush twice daily for two minutes.

Through interactive games, kids can observe how brushing removes food particles and eliminates bacteria, unlocking new characters as they progress along a map of a kingdom that can only be unlocked through regular brushing. The app also features a two-minute video demonstration that guides kids on brushing their teeth and each area of their mouth. Parents can establish brushing schedules and receive push notifications, reminding them of their kids’ brushing time.

The Baby Panda: Dental Care game is another great option available for download. This game lets your child immerse themself in the role of a dentist, responsible for maintaining the oral health of adorable little animals. Your child can manage the dental salon, clean and care for their teeth, and hone their skills to become an excellent dentist.

Need more help getting toddlers and teens to brush their teeth? We can help!

If you have tried everything you can to get your kids to brush their teeth and it still isn’t going well, then you should know that Must Love Kids Pediatric Dentistry can help. Contact us and request an appointment for your child today. We’ll do a professional dental cleaning and oral evaluation. And we’ll talk to your child about the importance of good oral health and dental care. Often, a gentle nudge by a kid’s dentist and some fun mobile apps for at-home oral health is all it takes.